What can an Earth Summit do for Wales?

06 Sep 2012 -
In the year of Rio+20, what impact have the previous Earth Summits Rio 1992 and Johannesburg 2002 had in Wales?
Author(s): WWF
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Uncertainty, scepticism and attitudes towards climate change: biased assimilation and attitude polarisation

06 Sep 2012 - Article
Abstract: " ‘Scepticism’ in public attitudes towards climate change is seen as a significant barrier to public engagement.
Author(s): Adam Corner, Dimitrios Xenias, Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh
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Defining a Sustainable Economic Future for Wales - Collected Essays

04 Sep 2012 - Essay
The 20 essays are from a broad range of contributors and contain a rich diversity of opinion and outlook.
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The Practical guide to sustainable IT

04 Sep 2012 - Training and Tools
APC has recently published a new guide for the everyday computer user on how to make more ecological choices when using technology.
Author(s): APC
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Sustainable Development Commission

23 Aug 2012 - Report
The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) was the UK Government's independent adviser on sustainable development. The Commission closed on 31 March 2011.
Author(s): Sustainable Development Commission
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Wheelrights and the Swansea Cycle Challenge

06 Aug 2012 - Article
Wheelrights are a cycle campaign group covering the Swansea Bay Area.  They were set up in 1995 to campaign for better cycling provision and to assist and encourage more people to take up cycl
Author(s): Pathfinder Programme
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Pathfinder Programme

A Welsh Government funded programme to support communities to take action on climate change.

Community Energy Wales

Bringing together communities acting on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Support For Sustainable Living

A grant scheme funded by the Welsh Government and delivered by Environment Wales and Cynnal Cymru.